Instant Read Cooking Thermometer

red cooking thermometer with an orange LCD that reads 86˚. Opened at an acute angle.
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Instant Read Cooking Thermometer


Stop eating dry chicken or leathery steak. Cook your meat perfectly with a meat thermometer! The easiest way to level-up your cooking.


I enjoy cooking. Give me a nice cookbook, a bunch of ingredients and great playlist and I'll spend hours whipping up a good meal.

But there's not much worse than spending hours crafting a meal only to have it ruined by overcooked meat.

This cooking thermometer has been the single best gadget to improve our cooking. It allows us to cook our meat to perfection without drying out.

It also relieves any worry that you might make your family sick by undercooking.

Why this one?

First off, it's cheap. It'll be worth the price on your first steak.

Second, its fast. 3-5 seconds and you'll know the temperature.

It's also well reviewed. Over 100,000+ reviews on Amazon.

Finally, this is definitely your "no frills" thermometer. The only way to make it "dumber" is to make it analog, but those can be difficult to read.

This one has a bright screen and uses one AAA battery (we purchased ours in 2019 and the batter hasn't died yet).

Want to pay more?

Sure! You can get this wireless one that syncs to your phone so you can put it in your grill, but you'll pay 10x as much. That one is awesome as well, and would make a great gift.

Final Thoughts

A cooking thermometer is a must-have in the modern kitchen. Using it will take all your meals up a level. And will give you the confidence to know your food perfect.

Full disclosure, I originally bought this as a gift for my wife... I ended up using it as much or more than her.

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