Sonos One Wireless Speaker

Black Sonos One Wireless Speaker from the side at a 45 degree angle
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Sonos One Wireless Speaker


Sonos' Wifi connected speaker is the best multi-room speaker system with great audio and reliable connectivity.


I've had a Sonos speaker since 2017 and that speaker is still in use today. From day one I was so impressed at how easy it was to play whatever I was in the mood for.

A little about me, I'm not a hardcore audiophile, but I can tell if something is tinny or too bassy. I am a huge music listener with varied tastes, but the Sonos speakers I've used have always stood up to my needs.

Most of my use-cases for the Sonos are like anyone else. Spontaneous dance parties with the family. Putting on some "french cafe" tunes while cooking dinner.

I enjoy crafting a playlist for a get together or putting on a song to jam along to with my guitar.

Sonos the company

This California-based hardware company definitely went to the Johnny Ive school of design. They have a minimalistic aesthetic.

I've found the speakers are likely to be unseen rather than a statement piece, which I prefer.

Sonos doesn't meet my "Buy It For Life" sensibilities, most electronics companies don't. But as of today my oldest speaker still works alongside the newer ones. And as products get too old Sonos offers a discount to recycle and upgrade your device. (

Strong Wifi Required

In the past I have dealt with intermittent connection issues. Those were due to poor Wifi coverage in room. In fact since I got a mesh router system I've not had any connection issues at all.

I do with they had a bluetooth mode for such occasions, and some of the battery powered models do now. But the plug-in models do not as far as I am aware.

Range of options

I have used the Play:1 and Play:5 (discontinued) and Sonos One (with Alexa). But the options do not end there. Sonos offers a full gamut of subwoofers and sound bars for home theaters, and built-in speakers. I've got my eyes set on a BEAM sound bar for our family room when we upgrade our TV.

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